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Why...Crescent Moon?

Updated: Jun 25

Lots of people have asked, what’s the significance of Crescent Moon?

Honestly, it’s not super deep. I always loved the shape of a Crescent Moon. Ever since I was a kid, I was fascinated with the night sky. It’s unfathomable depth, trillions of twinkle stars, and the mysterious Moon. The Crescent Moon spoke to me, like an old friend with infinite wisdom. Its beauty still takes my breath away, offering me protection and comfort.

The Moon represents a feminine quality. Its presence allows us to remember and tune into our divine femininity. All beings are gifted with the ability to tap into this feminine energy which connects and binds the Earth together. It is the Goddess energy within us all. Nurturing and calming, this is the energy that provide light in the darkness. The moon reflect light from the Sun. The moon flows in a cycle and it takes 29.5 days to complete one cycle of phases. This is called synodic month. Many indigenous tribes used the moon cycle as their calendar. The moon can offer different energies during the various phases of the moon’s cycle. The waning crescent is when the moon is growing smaller to the new moon (no visible moon), the waxing is expansive light which transforms to the noble full moon.

So why, Crescent Moon Wellness Center? I’ve always felt a deep connection to the Crescent Moon. It also turns out, coincidentally I might add, that I was born on a waxing Crescent Moon in 1979. So maybe, I was destined to connect to this cycle of the moon. For me, it represents my life’s path. The moon is always a sphere, but the light of a crescent moon only illuminates part of the moon. Sometimes, in darkness, you can see the rest of the moon. I imagine that the light of the crescent is my life’s path. The rest of the moon is space to learn, play, practice, and grow. It’s ever changing, like life. Sometimes, you can see the craters and grooves of the moon’s surface. They signify the dips and struggles that come with life. They add depth and dimension to what would otherwise be a smooth and seamless landscape. It’s the dips and grooves that give the moon is character, similarly to life.

I find comfort when I see a Crescent Moon. Sometimes, I even giggle, and think selfishly how kind of the moon to show me this shape. It’s full of deep valleys and giant mountains to climb. This reminds me to shine with light, even when the darkness seems inevitable. The moon signifies my path of life. Shining bright in the sky above, providing a healing source of light that is there to guide, protect, and remember the beauty that is always present in our universe.

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