Yoga Casses in Williams Bay- Lake Geneva Area

Yoga Classes are available now. To sign up, 262- 949-7747 or email here. Online booking will be available soon.

Crescent Moon Wellness Center is pleased to announce "Over the Moon" Yoga Studio upstairs from our current office. The space is small and accommodates a maximum of 8 people. We offer beginner yoga classes, all level vinyasa classes, and meditation. Check our Events page for monthly guest teachers and yoga events that will allow you to tune inward and find your true balance. 

*PLEASE NOTE: because of our limited space we REQUIRE 24 hours cancellation policy for all classes.

Yoga Classes Now Available

Yoga classes now available at Crescent Moon Wellness Center in Williams Bay, Lake Geneva area, Wisconsin

Doing the Down Dog at Crescent Moon Wellness Center Williams Bay

Preparation For Yoga Class

  • Wear comfortable clothes.
  • Hydrate well and bring water.
  • Bring your favorite yoga mat.

About Our Practice

Loving kindness, or Metta and unconditional positive regard is held as an utmost principle in at Crescent Moon Wellness Center.

Recently, Nikelle completed her studies in yogic philosophy with 200 yoga teacher training program in early June 2019, studying locally at Indigo Yoga. Nikelle has also studied at the Coaching The Body Institute (formaly Clinical Thai Bodywork) in Evanston, IL with Chuck Duff, one of the country’s leading Thai Bodywork instructors. Chuck has developed Coaching the Body or Clinical Thai Bodywork, which integrates traditional Thai bodywork techniques with Travell and Simon’s trigger point theory. This practice offers incredibly effective bodywork to reduce and eliminate pain, increase energy flow and achieve overall well being.

Nikelle spent time visiting Thailand in December, 2015 to further her studies and immerse herself in Thai culture.

 By bringing awareness to the connection between the mind, body and spirit, Nikelle can teach her clients how to link the body with breathe and movement. Which ultimately deepens true sense of healing.



Top photo by Anna Urban Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I wear to a Thai massage?
The client wears comfortable clothes, such as for a yoga session or workout. The client just needs the ease of movement, so nothing restricting.
Is the treatment relaxing, it sounds like work?
Clinical Thai Bodywork is very relaxing and energizing (opening the sen lines). The work is completely passive. The practitioner moves and support all compressions and stretches. Breath work is integrated to ease in relaxation and muscle release.
How is Thai Massage different then regular massage?
The most obvious is Thai Massage is performed on a futon style mat, clothed, and no oils or lotions are used. The intention can be a bit different depending on what the client is trying to achieve.