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Meridian Man
  • Electro-Acupuncture

  • Dry Needling

  • TCM Fire Cupping

  • Gua SHA

Combining Eastern & Western therapies
to restore balance, relieve pain and heal the body. 

Western Therapies

Western therapy, in the area of Naprapathy, can be used to restore balance through soft tissue manipulation and therapeutic exercises that emphasize stretching the underlying ligaments and connective tissue. This therapy is gentle and non-invasive.

Eastern Therapies

Eastern therapy, is highly effective in treating both acute and chronic pain, and also aids in the healing of neurological and musculoskeletal disorders.  When combined with Western therapy, powerful and effective results can be achieved.  Eastern therapies include acupuncture, TUiNa, authentic TCM fire cupping, guasha and electro-acupuncture. 

Kunkel Healthcare Connective Tissue Specialist & Acupuncturist

Dr. Andrew Kunkel and Kunkel Healthcare provide Integrated Medicine Services. Integrative medicine, which is sometimes referred to as complementary medicine, is a proven evidence-based combination of modern and alternative medicinal practices. Dr. Kunkel focuses on relieving pain and restoring balance in the body to promote healing.  Customized treatments are designed to reduce inflammation, improve mobility, and restore balance in the body for long-term health benefits.

Meet Dr. Kunkel D.N., L.A.c.

Dr. Andrew Kunkel is a Board-Certified Doctor of Naprapathy (Connective Tissue Specialist) and licensed Acupuncturist.  He uses his knowledge and experience in both Western and Eastern therapies to develop a treatment plan that will help patients reach the next level of health. 


5018 West Elm Street
McHenry, Ill 60050

93 W. Geneva St., Ste 1E
Williams Bay, WI 53191

Dr Andrew Kunkel D.N., L.A.c.
Kunkel Healthcare Connective Tissue Specialist & Acupuncturist
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