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My Journey

Updated: May 30, 2023

Yoga and massage have changed my life. Sometimes, the hardest lesson in life is accepting and embracing change. After over a decade in sales, I began to feel burnt out. So I decided to take a leap and switch my career to massage therapy in my late twenties - which was one of the best decisions I ever made. On this journey, I not only learned more about myself but also developed a strong mind-body connection. I see now, that it was my truth planning itself out.

After a few years of practicing massage therapy, I started to dig deeper into the physical component which is what led me to discover the modality of Thai Massage. In 2014 my research led me to the Coaching The Body™ community and I started studying at their studio in Evanston, Il.

It is here, that I found strength, wisdom, and confidence in the ability to help others heal. Coaching the Body™ (or CTB, formerly Clinical Thai Bodywork) is a bodywork school created by Chuck Duff. Chuck has blended traditional Thai massage techniques, trigger point theory, yogic philosophy, and martial arts to create his own bodywork modality.

At CTB, I learned that the first Yama (law) of Yoga is nonviolence, beginning with ourselves. This meant that the “deep” table massages I had been providing my patients were not adequately serving myself or my client! Deep pressure did not necessarily mean deep releases. With intense training, I was able to mindfully address the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS) and down regulate the sympathetic nervous system (SNS-fight or flight). By using certain techniques Coaching the Body addresses pain and dysfunction that the body has developed over years of improper use. I learned how to identify the perpetuating life factors such as chronic computer work, constant driving, or just plain stress. I started to become fascinated by the physical body. I became a muscle nerd, submerging myself into anatomy and physiology and seeing my job as a massage therapist in an entirely different light. I also discovered that I must first be well and explore my own healing in order to properly help others heal.

In 2019, becoming a yoga teacher seemed like the missing link in my practice. Since 1997, I had been practicing yoga as a student, but truly understanding the yogic ways gave me a sense of peace and freedom. Yoga was ALL GOOD and I continued to be fascinated with the mind/body connection. Was it really possible to change anxiety and depression with mindfulness and movement?

In 2016, a new found passion and my own personal journey brought me to a pivital point. I wanted to help others on their path in a safe and supported environment. In January of 2016 I opened the Crescent Moon Wellness Center. Today, we offer skilled massage therapists and experienced yoga teachers that provide a unique, holistic and therapeutic experience to each individual. We practice with “Metta” or loving kindness-first to ourselves, and then others around us. At Crescent Moon we welcome true, honest support in finding our best self.

Come start your journey with us.


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