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Nikelle Burrough Owner Crescent Moon Wellness Center

Nikelle Burrough / Founder


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Nikelle Burrough
Owner Crescent Moon
Wellness Center

Hello. I am Nikelle Burrough, the founder of Crescent Moon Wellness Center.  Yoga and holistic healing have changed my life. In 2008 my own personal journey brought me to pivotal point where I decided to leave my sales job and begin learning how to heal.  I wanted to help others on their path in a safe and supported environment and therefore decided to open Crescent Moon Wellness Center. Today, we offer skilled massage therapists and experienced yoga teachers that provide a unique, holistic and therapeutic experience to each individual. We practice with “Metta” or loving kindness-first to ourselves, and then others around us.  I understand that everyone’s journey is unique and strive to create an open, supportive environment for each individuals growth.

I welcome you to our center and am honored to walk with you on this journey.



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My Journey

In 2002 I graduated with a Degree in Communication from CU-Boulder. I began working in sales, longing for a deeper connection to helping people find healing In 2008, I began my exploration of wellness by enrolling at Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Chicago. After practicing massage therapy for five years, I furthered my knowledge at the Coaching the Body Institute in Evanston, IL and am currently working towards obtaining an advanced certification for CTB, which will enable me to teach. I began to see clearly the unavoidable mind-body connection which lead me in 2019,  to study under renowned yoga instructor Wendy Yanke and achieved my 200-hour Ashtangasana yoga teacher training. In 2021, I completed my 300-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training under the guidance of esteemed Rolf Gates, yoga teacher and author. I most recently have studied with Tracey Windmill, creator of Dynamic Flow Massage. 


I am able to pull from my "toolbox" of healing modalities to find the best unique treatments for each client. I believe the true healing comes from within. By tapping into the nervous system and allowing the mind and body to down regulate, old patterns can be released. Proper function, decreased pain, and overall wellbeing can be restored. This is where lasting change begins. 

To work with me directly, please call our office to inquire about availability. I look forward to connecting with you on your wellness journey.

Nikelle Burrough Owner Crescent Moon Wellness Center Yoga Pose
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